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New and Useful Links Added

We've added some new and useful links to the Downloads and Links page.  The links address :

  • The AIA-NJ News Letter 
  • IBC Changes for Mag Locks and Delayed Egress Locks
  • Code Inspectors Handbook – Mag\Delayed Egress locks 

These topics are not directly related to fire alarm systems but they definitely have an impact.


Effective 12/31/12 All new fire alarm systems in the State of Delaware must obtain a rough-in inspections by a "Licensed, third party Inspection Agency".  This will apply to all ongoing projects that have NOT been inspected by the Fire Marshal prior to 12/31/12.  The price impact, for inspection, is significant ( $40.00 for the first 5 devices and $15.00 for each additional 5 devices).  As an example: A new fire alarm project with 150 devices will now cost an additional $475.00 for an Agency rough in inspection.

Volunteers for Board Positions and Committees

We are in need of volunteers!  A local trade association, like the PAAFAA, is made up of folks from area industry that volunteer their time in an effort to give back to that industry.  Everyone is busy putting out fires (or in our case detecting them!).  However, if everybody chips in and does a little then the time commitment is minimal-less than a couple hours a month.  The only successful volunteer organization is one that has the volunteers!  Step up and help- after all, it does benefit YOU!

Download the Notice and the Fee Schedule on the Downloads and Links page

What is the Automatic Fire Alarm Association?

The Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) is the only national trade organization dedicated to the automatic fire alarm industry.  The AFAA has chapters located throughout the United States.  Its members include fire alarm installation companies, contractors, central station companies, fire alarm manufactures, engineers, municipal fire officials and any organization involved in the automatic fire alarm industry.

Our Purpose:
Education of those involved in the fire alarm industry.  Education in all aspects of fire detection systems including design, codes and code issues, application, installation techniques, testing and maintenance, new technology and issues relating the business side of the fire alarm company- there's something for everyone!   The every changing Codes, technology and circumstances makes the AFAA a valuable asset to anyone involved in the fire alarm industry.

Code of Ethics:

As individuals, associations, public entities and companies engaged in the fire alarm and detection industry, we recognize our responsibility to maintain high standards of reliability in the application of life safety and property protection systems we are involved with.

We therefore, pledge and ascribe to the following:

  • To be honest and fair in all matters with our employees, customers, contractors, distributors, competitors and suppliers.

  • To follow Nationally recognized Codes and Standards, federal, state and local laws and regulations that apply, when designing, supplying, certifying, approving or installing fire alarm and detection systems.

  • To encourage and support well founded legislation affecting our industry and the people we serve.

  • To support and participate in the education of those in and regulating our industry.

  • When representing the Association, we will conduct ourselves professionally and with decorum.

  • Individually, we will strive for high standards of performance and professional competence.

  • We will judge all of our actions based on the question " Is it right?" and "Is it fair"

  • We accept this code freely and pledge to support our Association in its endeavors to improve the life safety and property protection in the United States of America.‚Äč

AUTOMATIC FIRE ALARM ASSOCIATION (National Headquarters) 81 Mill Street, Suite 300, Gahanna, OH 43230